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We stock a wide variety of garden slabs, many of which are listed here.  Most products not stocked by us can still be ordered from the manufacture. We have several suppliers for our paving slabs, please feel free to look at their websites, we can get any slab in to order, please check out

The following paving slabs are kept in stock, please feel free to contact us if you require anymore information.

Bradstone Paving

Old Town Paving in Grey/Green

Available in 300x450, 450x450, 600x450, 300x300, 600x300, 600x600 sizes.

Textured Paving in Red, Black, Buff, Grey

In Buff 300x300 & 600x300, In all colours 450x450 & 600x600.

Peak Smooth/Riven in Red, Grey & Buff

Available in 450x450 sizes.

 Old Riven in Autumn Bronze, Autumn Cotswold & Autumn Gold

Available in 450x450, 300x450 & 600x450 sizes.

Log Stepping Stones

Available in 320x45 sizes

Log Sleepers

Available in 900x250 & 600x250 sizes

Marshalls Paving

Saxon Paving in Mocha

Available in 450x450 sizes

Firedstone Paving in Dusk & Sunrise

Available in 300x300, 600x300, 600x600 and 450x450 sizes.

We stock a range of natural sandstone project packs which cover 15.25m2 in the following colours:

  • Sunset

  • Golden Fossil/Mint

  • Lakeland

  • Harvest

Please visit Natural Paving to see the many styles and sizes that we can also get in to order.


























If you would like to see general information on Bradstone slabs then you can see that here.

Use Bradstone's Patio Generator to create a unique slab pattern for your garden.