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Below is a list of the many Ronseal products that we have in our stores.  Many other products and colours can be ordered for next day.

Ronseal Multi-Surface Primer is stocked in 750ml is tins and comes in White.




Ronseal Diamond Hard Floor Paint is stocked in 2.5ltr tins and comes in Tile Red, Slate and White




Ronseal Diamond Hard Garage Floor paint comes in 2.5ltr and 5ltr size tins.  This product is stocked in Tile Red, Slate and Steel Blue.



Ronseal No Rust Metal Paint comes in 750ml size tins and is stocked in White, Black and Silver

About Ronseal

Ronseal Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the international paint manufacturer, the Sherwin-Williams Company, which is based in Cleveland, Ohio and is the world's largest coatings company.

Ronseal is based at Thorncliffe Park in Sheffield in the UK and also has a thriving business in Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

For further product advice please contact Ronseal Technical Services
Tel: 0114 240 9469