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We keep a wide range of decorative aggregates in stock at our branches. However we can get many other colours and styles in to order, feel free to look here and contact us for anymore information and ordering details.

Available in 25kg Bags:

  • 8-10mm White Polar Chippings
  • Canterbury Spa Chippings
  • Cotswold Chippings
  • Blue Slate Chippings
  • Green Slate Chippings
  • Plum Slate Chippings
  • Midnight Blue Slate Chippings
  • Green Chippings
  • Red Chippings
  • Blue Chippings
  • Granite Chippings
  • Flamingo 14-20mm Chippings
  • Red Granite Chippings
  • Salmon Pink Chippings
  • Ice Blue Chippings
  • Scottish Cobbles
  • Paddle Stones
  • Scottish Beach Pebbles

Available in Bulk Bags (850kg min):

  • Salmon Pink Granite
  • Flamingo Chippings
  • Ice Blue Chippings
  • Green Basalt Chippings
  • Polar White Chippings
  • Cotswold Chippings
  • Silver Grey Granite
  • Plum Slate Chippings
  • 10mm & 20mm Shingle

If you require sand and cement we supply this in 25 kg & Bulk bags as well as certain aggregates as a loose product.



Canvey Supply keep a wide range of decorative aggregates in stock. Please feel free to contact us if you need any more information.